Lunch Boxes on a Budget


Author: Mary Katherine
This one is for moms with lunch-packers: an on-a-budget lunchbox grocery plan! This grocery list costs less than $30 and makes 2-3 wholesome lunch boxes per day. This isn’t for extremely picky eaters, but it can easily be modified. This list is also fantastic for the beach! Happy lunching!

Lunch: smoked chicken, hummus, tomato and lettuce on wheat bread.
Snack: “all fruit” shark gummy snacks and a babybel cheese
Fruit: plum
Drink: water

Lunch: sliced turkey, cheese and light mayo with tomato on wheat bread
Snack: frozen Greek yogurt
Fruit: Apple
Drink: water

Lunch: chicken, cheese, hummus & tomato on wheat bread
Snack: Almonds (add chocolate chips for extra fun!)
Fruit: Mandarin oranges
Drink: Milk

Lunch: cottage cheese, cucumber and tomato on wheat bread (or lettuce as salad!)
Snack: frozen Greek yogurt, carrots
Fruit: mandarin oranges
Drink: water

Lunch: turkey, light mayo, cucumber and baby spinach sandwich, chocolate pudding
Snack: babybel cheese, grapes
Fruit: Apple
Drink: milk

Grocery list:
Fruits: plums, apples, grapes
Veggies: lettuce, tomato, baby carrots, cucumber, baby spinach
Grains: wheat bread (2 if feeding more than one child)
Dairy: baby bel, deli cheese, cottage cheese, milk, Greek yogurt
Proteins: Chicken and Turkey deli meats, almonds
Extras: shark gummies, hummus, mandarin oranges, pudding pack

This grocery list was $32.00 when I priced it (at Aldi). I also bought extra produce. It also has extras left over for the next week. Let me know how your cart adds up!


One response to “Lunch Boxes on a Budget

  1. Where was Aldi back when …………… :}


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