Thank You, Mom

Author: Mary Katherine

Thank you, Mom.

For playing with my toys, one by one, to teach me which colors they are.
I know that you must have been tired, and your favorite show may have been on.

For singing silly songs in the morning. About weather and food and God.
I know that you needed coffee, and didn’t always wake with a song on your heart.

For strolling me outside so I could experience the vast world around me.
I know that exercise was difficult when your body was wrecked by childbirth and I probably screamed half the way home.

For playfully feeding me during mealtime with “choo-choos” full of food. I know that I was creating a terrible mess and consuming very little sweet potato.

For rocking me to sleep with a song and a blanket. I know it would have been much easier to dump me in my crib without that special moment.

Thank you, mom, for trading

thrilling novels for Goodnight Moon
long distance running for slowly chugging behind a jogging stroller
size 6 jeans for mom pants
climbing the career ladder for work/family balance
exotic vacations for family van trips
adorable shoes for boxes of pampers
dangly earrings for safe snuggles
sexy lingerie for nursing bras
gourmet meals for finicky eaters

Mom, thank you, for sacrificing your wants and needs
so I would want not
and need not.

I love you. You’re a great mom.

6 responses to “Thank You, Mom

  1. Thank you for a reminder of the beautiful sacrifice we have the privilege of making each day as we raise the next generation.


  2. This was beautiful.


  3. Sniffles. Beautiful truths. Thank you.


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