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Breast is Best! (But what about the rest?)


I’ve hated my boobs since 5th grade, when they made a most unwelcome appearance. Backyard football with the boys became awkward. So did locker room changes. As they became a focal point of my high school figure, I despised them even more. My back hurt when I ran. Forget horsing around in a bathing suit. Rude and humiliating jokes from teenage boys.

Hated. Them.
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Breast Pump Hacks for Busy Moms

A special thanks to Dr. Lauren Orr for collaborating with me on this article and for sharing your genius, practical tips with our readers.

Now–let’s make it easy for you!
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Every day I’m a mother, a little piece of me dies.

Author: Mary Katherine

Every day I’m a mother, a little piece of me dies.

When Ben is in his highchair and I’m cleaning the floors and dishes. And his arm magically transforms into a windshield wiper against the high chair tray. Waffle and oranges fly across the room. Rising up inside of me is a piece of my heart that is angry and impatient. And then I catch my son’s eyes–bright and bubbling with laughter–and that angry little piece of me dies.

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Thank You, Mom

Author: Mary Katherine

Thank you, Mom.

For playing with my toys, one by one, to teach me which colors they are.
I know that you must have been tired, and your favorite show may have been on.

For singing silly songs in the morning. About weather and food and God.
I know that you needed coffee, and didn’t always wake with a song on your heart.

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