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When your friends make you feel like sh*t

Girl screaming into friend's ear

Author: Heather Anne

We’ve all been there. You go out to lunch with a friend and she shows up looking completely fabulous and talking about just how fabulous her life is and you can’t help sitting there thinking “yeah. I hate her.”

What do you mean “you hate her”? She’s your friend! Shouldn’t you be happy that she looks great and her life is so great? Yes. Yes you should. But you know what…

Sometimes your friends just make you feel like sh*t.
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Thank You, Mom

Author: Mary Katherine

Thank you, Mom.

For playing with my toys, one by one, to teach me which colors they are.
I know that you must have been tired, and your favorite show may have been on.

For singing silly songs in the morning. About weather and food and God.
I know that you needed coffee, and didn’t always wake with a song on your heart.

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