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Monogrammed Pajamas Giveaway WINNER

For the last week we have advertised a monogrammed pajamas giveaway on our Instagram page (@mamasinpajamas). We teamed up with Lanette over at Strong Stitch (www.facebook.com/strongstitch) and we gave away two sets of monogrammed pajamas (one for mama and one for her little one).

Today we let the babies pick the winner!

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Laundry Piles and Loneliness

I can sum up my thoughts on motherhood so far in 3 words.

I. Didn’t. Know.
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Pajamas and Sunshine

There was a moment in my life, not that long ago, when I realized who I really was. Not in the soul-discovering existential sense, but a quite literal one. I was strolling down the cobble-lined streets of Park Avenue with Infant Ben tucked neatly beneath a powder blue blanket. I had brushed my hair, dressed in a real bra (nursing moms feel my pain) and gotten out of the house. My best friend of 25 years was in town and we found ourselves window shopping, eating ice cream cones, and leisurely basking in the crisp weather of a Florida fall. I was also sleep-deprived and incredibly grouchy despite my surroundings. Lunch was taking forever, the sidewalks were crowded, and women with children were bustling in and out of stores with armfuls of shopping sacks. It was like somebody had kicked a human baby anthill in the heart of Winter Park.
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